I love creating interior spaces that are functional, beautiful, and timeless. I am a firm believer that your home should function to meet your needs, while also serve as a real show-stopper.

My passion for storytelling, old homes and architecture began at a very young age. Growing up I joined my towns historical society and toured the old New England farmhouses and colonials of anyone who offered. With my disposable camera in hand, I fell in love with New England style character and the stories of the families that had lived there.

Years later, after I graduated college, I moved to the Netherlands. I became enamored with the details and architecture, but most of all, I learned how the Dutch do functionality. When I moved back home in 2015, I began working on smaller projects in my own home, and then finally on to larger projects and full home renovations.

I am greatly influenced by my travels, growing up in New England, the changing seasons, and by some pretty amazing designers that are doing some incredible things and serving it in a very accessible way. I truly believe that good, timeless style is achievable at all sorts of price-points and I would love to help you create the home you’ve always dreamt of having. 

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